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Singer. Actor. Dancer.

Meet Tatum!

Right from the start, this energetic middle child of three loved to take charge, find her spotlight, and ham it up. A Seattle native, Tatum grew up surrounded by art and theatre. Her love of musicals was inevitable and merely genetic, passed on to her from her parents and biggest fans, Robin and Will Ludlam. This type A-extremist finds intense joy in the imperfections of live theatre and the ever-evolving nature of a performance. Tatum spent her youth performing professionally around Seattle while balancing a secret second life of academia and activism. Eventually, life led her to The University of Oklahoma where she received a BFA from the Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theatre as well as a minor in Non-Profit Business Management. Not only did moving to a small town bring new perspective to this city girl's life, but the program taught Tatum to embrace her inner quirks and approach each experience with curiosity and empathy. After summers of working at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma and Music Theatre Wichita, Tatum is finally on her way to New York City to begin the next chapter of her journey.



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